Thug brutally sucker punches traffic agent, turns himself in when video goes viral

The thug who sucker punched a New York traffic cop in the throat after reportedly getting a ticket has been arrested.

The 27 year-old man was charged with assault and harassment after he turned himself in following the attack of the on-duty traffic agent in Port Richmond on Wednesday, the New York Post reported.

Divon D. Cochrane was allegedly angry over a traffic ticket the agent had issued his girlfriend.

Video footage from the scene showed Cochrane on his cell phone, apparently following the agent. As the 50 year-old victim began to cross the street, Cochrane came up behind him and sucker punched him in the throat.

The agent was knocked to the ground and lost consciousness, according to the Post. He was rushed to the hospital where he was treated for a head injury and bruising to the neck.

Twitter users had no mercy for the thug whose face was plastered all over social media and hoped he gets the punishment he is due.

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Frieda Powers


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