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Shooting survivor posts moving tribute to the cops and selfless heroes who saved her and others

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As with 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, and countless other dark moments in our history, the light of ordinary American heroes always seems to shine the brightest when evil thinks it has a hold.

So it went in Las Vegas on Sunday night, when Americans selflessly helped their fellow Americans in the face of the deadliest mass shooting in our nation’s history.

Tiffany Michelle managed to escape Stephen Paddock’s brutal rampage, thanks in no small part to her off-duty cop husband, first responders, and even complete strangers who helped in various ways, and the survivor penned an eloquent ‘thank-you’ via Instragram on Monday.


“Thank you for all the brave officers who responded to the scene after the terror took place, and for the paramedics who saved lives tonight,” Michelle wrote.

Thank you to the man who pulled me over the fence when my boot was stuck. Thank you to the girls who grabbed me and ran with me when they saw I’d been separated from my husband and friends. Thank you to the friends that came and got me from my place of refuge even when the shooter was still active. Thank you for the man who was willing to pile us in his car and drive us to safety.

Above all thank you for my brave husband who used his own body to shield me and others from bullets as those next to us were shot. When we were separated and he realized he could no longer protect me he stayed behind to hold pressure on gunshot wounds and carry people to trucks for departure to hospitals. He and all the other off duty officers, military personal, and anyone else in the venue and out who helped save a life tonight are the true heroes.

A few defiant Vegas concertgoers refused to duck, shot crazed gunman the bird and finished their beers

“We made it. We are safe. We will walk away from this tragedy and live to die another day,” Michelle said before thanking God for her husband.

“It pains me so much to see so many not as fortunate as us. If you get the chance today I urge you to thank an officer. I know I will hold mine a lot closer today and forever.”

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