Bar owner explains ‘Lynch Kaepernick’ doormat is not what it seems after patron posts pic to social media

Jason Burle, owner of Snafu bar in Lake Ozark, Mo is taking heat for a makeshift doormat made of NFL jerseys, to protest against athletes who choose to kneel for our national anthem.

The uproar began when bar patron Taylor Sloan saw the mat and posted a picture of it to Facebook. Sloan complained he was upset not by the mat itself, but by the names on the jerseys and believed it to be about racism and not patriotism.  Naturally, this stated nasty social feud between the two that ended up on KSLA 12 news.

Video screengrab.

“It just really upsets me when I see people, you know, put kind of a faux patriotism guise on racism,” Sloan said. According to KSLA 12

Burle proudly served in the military as did his with his father and made it clear it wasn’t meant to be about race.

“It’s not a race thing. A lot of people want to twist it around to be a race thing,” Burle said. “They were placed the way they came out of the box. I ordered them together. We pulled them out of the box, taped them down. There was no ill-intent.”

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Despite a building backlash on social media, Burle maintains the placement of the jerseys was an accident and has stood his ground. He did rearranged the jerseys so that the names don’t line up to read “Lynch Kaepernick,” but for now, that’s all it looks like he’s going to do.

“A lot of us military folks take that personal to heart. I could line this whole sidewalk with NFL players that don’t stand for the flag,” Burle said. “I commend them for what they’re doing, as far as the right goes. I fought for that right. The same thing that gives them that right gives me the right to place these out here.”


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