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Cut them off! Stuart Varney reminds NFL of the BILLIONS in taxpayer subsidies that build stadiums

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For a league that’s quick to line up at the public trough for sweetheart deals, one might think the NFL would be less eager to offend fans who double as U.S. taxpayers.

“Don’t bite the hand that helps to feed you,”  Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney said Monday on “Fox & Friends.”

“There’s $1.1 billion in direct subsidies from taxpayers to the NFL,” Varney said. “Taxpayer subsidies go to the building of stadiums.”

How pervasive is the practice?

“There have been 20 new NFL stadiums since 1997,” he explained. “All of them have received a degree of taxpayer subsidies.”

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More from a March 2016 report from Fox Sports:

Over the last 20 years, the American public has spent more than $7 billion dollars to build or renovate NFL stadiums, taking on 46 percent of the total costs of those projects.

This data is by no means complete — it doesn’t factor in the costs the public takes on to run a stadium on gamedays, nor does it include the value of land grants and taxbreaks cities, counties, and states have given to NFL teams.

Even though the numbers are staggering, franchises have been unabashed in their taking of public funds. Five teams have received more than $400 million from public funding to build and/or renovate their stadiums.


And if NFL owners are not careful with protests of the national anthem that offend the public, this largess could dry up real quick.

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The protests are being orchestrated by NFL players earning millions of dollars — who are technically “on the clock” — against perceived racism and police brutality, based on what is said to be an “epidemic” of police shootings of unarmed black men, though facts do not necessarily support that narrative.

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