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Brian Kilmeade breaks with colleagues, says Trump messed up, ‘made things so much worse’

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“Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade placed himself in the middle of the controversy over NFL players refusing to stand during the national anthem when he said Monday that President Donald Trump has only made things worse.

The president sent the issue into the stratosphere over the weekend when he called for the firing of players who took a knee, using the phrase “son of a bitch” to describe these players.

“The president — and I understand his sentiment — made things so much worse, and the language he used was terrible,” Kilmeade said.

If you measure the number of players who kneeled during the national anthem on Sunday, or remained in the locker room, there’s no denying that the Fox News host’s assessment was spot on.

“He made things immeasurably worse by speaking out,” Kilmeade added. “And I know what his intention was, but it was galvanizing in the wrong direction.”

At the same time, Trump pushed the issue front and center in the national discussion at a time when the media has flipped things on their head, cheering those who decide to disrespect the country while vilifying those who stand in support of the national anthem.

Cohost Ainsley Earhardt chimed in to say Trump was the “voice for a lot of people out there.”

“A lot of people agree with him and are scared to give their opinions,” she said.

NFL players have been protesting police brutality and racism based on what is seen as an “epidemic” of police shootings of unarmed black men, but that narrative is a far-left construct not supported by facts.

Tom Tillison


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