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CNN features documentary teaching HS students about anal sex… same-sex partners and transgenders

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What is with the left’s fascination with anal sex?

Teen Vogue published a sleazy guide in July on how to have anal sex that infuriated parents, and now CNN is transfixed on backdoor deliveries.

More from The Daily Caller:

CNN ran a story Monday about a new video documentary created by the network that contains scenes of teaching high schoolers about anal sex, performing oral sex, and transitioning to a new gender.

The documentary, titled, “This Is Sex with Lisa Ling,” features a segment titled, “Sex 101.”

In the video, CNN’s Lisa Ling sits in a classroom with high schoolers, listening to a lesson where a teacher quizzes students on the proper term for a woman receiving oral sex, among other graphic questions.


And not to worry, CNN was “inclusive,” noting that teaching how to use condoms for anal sex between same-sex couples was also part of the lesson.

And we wonder why so many students emerge from high school ill-equipped for the job market.

As for being inclusive, the teacher featured in the video said she allows students in the process of changing genders to determine what pronouns are acceptable to them.


Tom Tillison


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