Hurricane ‘Hot Cop’ suspended after new fame brings to light offensive past posts on social media

Internet users are hanging their heads in disappointment over the latest revelation about viral internet start.

Officer Michael Hamill of the Gainesville Police Department in Florida is best known as the middle “Hot Cop” in a picture that was shared thousands of times on social media.

Americans were captivated by the attractiveness of the three officers, who took a selfie as they prepared to assist in relief efforts for Hurricane Irma. The positive response was so overwhelming that the Gainesville Police Department even made a “Hot Cop” Calendar to raise funds for victims of the storm.

But the spotlight has brought attention to an unsavory aspect of Hamill’s personal life.

After interested social media users began digging into the policeman’s Facebook profile, they discovered that he has a history of making antisemitic remarks.

Hamill’s comments include asking “‘What’s the difference between boy scouts and Jews? any body know? well it is because ‘Boy Scouts come back from their camps.'” Hamill wrote about people who “annoy” him, saying “put them in an oven and deal with them the Hitler way.”

Social media, which had previously erupted in glowing praise over the police officer, is now filled with immense criticism.

The news prompted Gainesville Police Department to release a statement saying that Officer Hamill has been “suspended with pay.” The Department is “”reviewing the allegations and will do so in accordance with to Florida Law and Department Policy.”

The extremely rapid change in the public’s opinion of Hamill has led Twitter users to describe this as the officer’s “milkshake duck” moment.

“Milkshake duck” refers to a famous Twitter joke about internet stars who suddenly fall from grace after something embarrassing is discovered in their past.

There has not yet been word on whether Hamill will appear in the calendar, which has already been ordered by many people seeking to support disaster-ridden areas in Florida.

The “Hot Cops” phenomenon has prompted numerous parodies on social media.



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