Deleted quicker than mom’s emails! Chelsea busted spreading FAKE NEWS and fails when covering her tracks

It may be time for Chelsea Clinton to reevaluate where she’s getting her news from.

Clinton tweeted an article about a bill being passed by the Michigan House that would allow EMT’s to refuse to treat gay people.

…that turned out to be FAKE NEWS.

Not only was the story fake news, it was THREE YEAR OLD fake news. But whatever it takes to get a rise out of the lemmings, right?

And what did Clinton do when it became clear that she was peddling false news? Following the family legacy, she deleted her tweet. Of course.

But she’s still appalled!

Not only is the internet is forever when it comes to deleted tweets, so too is the inquisitiveness of social media users as seen in the offerings from RB Pundit, the source of Stephen Miller’s tweet above:

Here’s a sampling of reactions from other social media users from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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