Starbucks getting attacked by libs over pumpkin latte funding white supremacy is pretty hilarious

Beware, that pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks is apparently “funding rent payments to white supremacy.”

That is a claim being made by a feminist group called UltraViolet, which called on people to sign a petition against the company. The group describes itself as “a powerful and rapidly growing community of people mobilized to fight sexism and create a more inclusive world.”

More than 73,000 “actions” had been taken according to their website.

But attacking Starbucks, which is hardly a bastion of conservative causes, seemed odd to some.

In fact, UltraViolet was taking aim at Starbucks, and Nike,  for a location in Trump Tower in New York City as it slammed the president for “propping up white supremacists and Nazis.”

“Starbucks and Nike–both companies that seek to profit off of a progressive and inclusive brand–have stores in Trump Tower in New York City,” the website stated. “They have likely paid millions of dollars in rent to Trump over time–money that has given him a platform to spew hate for years.”

But even some of those who dislike Trump had a problem with the group’s “slightly slanderous” claim, especially against a progressive company known for championing causes like gay rights and race relations.

And many others agreed that a franchised location in a prime building in a major city does not constitute an act of white supremacy.

Bring on the lattes.

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Frieda Powers


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