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Customer with store’s last generator sees woman sobbing, instantly changes her mood and saves a life

good samaritan ramon santiago gave last generator to pam brekke
Hurricane Irma Good Samaritan: Ramon Santiago gave the last generator in a Florida store to a woman with a sick dad at home. (Image: screengrab).

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As Hurricane Irma battered Florida, some kind-hearted individuals spotlight the exceptional generosity that makes America great.

Ramon Santiago of Orlando gave up the last power generator in a Lowe’s home store to a stranger who was behind him in line.

Pam Brekke drove 30 miles from Sanford to the Lowe’s store in Orlando to buy a generator on Friday. Hurricane Irma has since caused a massive power outage in Florida that has afflicted up to 7 million people.

Unbeknownst to Santiago, Brekke’s situation was especially dire because she’s nursing a sick dad at home. Santiago, who was in line ahead of Brekke, had just snapped up the store’s last generator.

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Before he was about to pay for it, he abruptly gave it to a teary-eyed Brekke. Santiago had no idea why she was in tears, but chivalrously gave her the generator because she looked so distraught.

“My father’s on oxygen, and I’m worried about this storm,” Brekke told WFTV (see video). Her dad, a Korean War veteran, has congestive heart failure and depends on an oxygen machine (that requires electricity) to keep him alive.

“She need the generator,” Santiago said in broken English. “It’s OK. No worry for them.”


Brekke thanked Santiago profusely and hugged him gratefully. “He’s an angel from God,” she sobbed.

After Santiago’s touching act of kindness, the Lowe’s store manager offered to give him a new generator for free that was to be delivered to the store later that day.

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“I wanted to make sure he received it because he definitely deserved it,” manager Melissa Rodriguez told WFTV. “He’s the hero of the day.”

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