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Dozens of pets found abandoned by hurricane evacuees, many chained to trees! Owners will be prosecuted

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It’s during stressful times that one’s true character often emerges, which doesn’t say much for low lives who left animals to fend for themselves in the face of a Category 5 hurricane.

With Hurricane Irma bearing down on the Florida peninsula, Palm Beach County has rescued more than 50 animals abandoned by pet owners who evacuated, according to Tampa Bay’s WPTV.

Dozens of dogs were found outside chained to trees.

Palm Beach County Animal Care officers have been scrambling to reach animals as time runs out, rescuing 49 dogs and two cats since Friday, the NBC affiliate reported.

Thankfully, there are millions of loving pet owners who’d sooner chain themselves to a tree than treat their beloved animals that way.

Director of Animal Care Diane Suave said the heartbreaking decision to abandon the animals, especially in this cruel manner is “unconscionable.”


“These are literally dogs whose owners had gone and they were left either in pens or in yards they were not able to get out of or tethered or chained [to trees],” Suave told WPTV. “It’s pretty horrific.”

State Attorney Dave Aronberg said this is “a prime example of animal cruelty” and promised to prosecute pet owners who leave animals outside to fend for themselves during the storm, WPTV reported.

“We will find you, and we will prosecute you,” Aronberg said.

Extreme weather can be stressful times for animals and many responsible pet owners go the extra mile to make the experience as tolerable as possible.

Suave said that once winds reach a sustained 35 mph, animal control agents will no longer be permitted to go out and rescue animals.

Tom Tillison


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