CNN’s Jim Acosta accepts truly ironic award from Hispanic journos with ‘can’t handle the truth’ speech

CNN’s Jim Acosta received the Presidential Award at the 2017 National Association of Hispanic Journalists convention last week and he tried to use the occasion to restore a little credibility for his network.

Channeling his inner-Jack Nicholson, Acosta not only took a veiled shot at President Donald Trump, but also targeted millions of Americans.

“When people use the term fake news, it’s because they can’t handle the truth and can’t stand the heat,” Acosta told those in attendance.

It was only fitting that Costa was presented with the “Presidential Award,” given how the elitist media views itself, though he doesn’t seem to grasp that millions who have grown tired of the liberal bias in the media see his network as Trump does.

On more than one occasion, President Trump has called CNN, and Acosta in particular, “fake news.”

The senior White House correspondent for CNN has made a name for himself this year after several contentious exchanges with Trump, even though this challenging nature was conspicuously absent during the Obama years.

But don’t tell NAHJ President Brandon Benavides.

“He’s covered President Obama and President Donald Trump, always pushing both sides to answer the tough questions,” Benavides said in a release. “As a voice for the people, Acosta is not afraid to hold our elected leaders accountable.”

To the surprise of no one, social media viewers saw it differently… here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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