‘I smell a rat’: Lindsey Graham’s light bulb moment has him demanding Comey testify again

Looks like the light bulb finally went on for Sen. Lindsey Graham.

The Republican senator and chair of a Senate Judiciary subcommittee wants to return James Comey to Congress to testify again after discovering new details about the Hillary Clinton email case.

“This doesn’t add up, and I smell a rat here,” Graham told Fox News’ Catherine Herridge on Thursday.

The South Carolina Republican, along with Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley revealed that interview transcripts they reviewed indicated that Comey began drafting an “exoneration statement” for Clinton in April or May 2016, weeks before interviewing her and announcing in July 2016 that no criminal charges should be brought against Clinton.

“He needs to come back to committee,” Graham said, noting the questions he would like to discuss with the former FBI Director.

President Trump reacted to the transcript revelation in a tweet last week, calling it “a rigged system.”

Graham wants to know whether Comey had “predetermined the result” of the investigation before interviewing Clinton, which would be “contrary” to his testimony. Graham is also concerned that Comey was influenced by the infamous tarmac meeting between former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton just days before Comey announced the probe results.

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The GOP lawmaker told Fox News he believes the “real reason may have been some email between the DNC and the Justice Department about the scope of the Clinton investigation” which would be “completely different than when he publicly testified.”

If Comey “had actually made up his mind about the disposition of the case before the Lynch/Bill Clinton meeting, that seems to have fallen by the wayside,” Graham noted.

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