‘The President I’ve been waiting for’: Fox News analyst praises Trump for sticking it to GOP elites

“This is the president I’ve been waiting for.”

Words of praise came from a surprising place for President Trump for striking a deal with Democrats and snubbing the Republican leadership who have been dragging their feet on his legislative agenda.

A political consultant and former Bernie Sanders supporter applauded the president’s move and noted he had no choice after the way Republicans have blocked his agenda and failed the voters who put Trump in office.

“This is the Donald J. Trump that I’ve have been waiting for. He’s ready and willing to call out Republicans that have been obstructionists to his agenda,” Harlan Hill told Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney on “Varney & Co.”

“They had eight months where he outsourced the agenda to them to execute, to implement on the Hill because he said I don’t know Washington as well as these guys do,” he said.  “And they failed the president. And they failed the American people and they failed their constituents that sent them to Washington to repeal and replace Obamacare, to come up with real comprehensive solutions to immigration problems.”

Hill, who now serves on the advisory board of Trump’s re-election campaign, said GOP leaders left Trump with no choice.

“They failed us and so the president has put them on notice yesterday,” Hill continued.  “And he said, ‘If you do not deliver for us, not only are we going to start primarying some of you RINOs, we’re going to start working with Democrats.'”

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Trump will not be a “lame duck president” for the next three years, Hill told Varney, and will do what he needs to “by hell or high water or bipartisanship.”

Hill recently called on Democrats to “come to the table to make a deal” if they really cared about the issues they claimed.

“President Donald J. Trump is the most pragmatic president in decades. He has made it abundantly clear that he is both a deal maker and feels compassion for children of undocumented immigrants,” he wrote in a piece published by The Hill. “If Democrats actually care about them, now is the time to put down Twitter and stop raging on television. Come to the table to make a deal to save the Dreamers alongside the president and Republicans. Come to the table to govern.”

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