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‘Lock them up!’ Watch obnoxious DACA protesters turn more people off at Trump hotel

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The more the far-left blusters, the more America recoils.

Almost as if he KNEW something was about to go down, Jeff Stein, a reporter for Vox, was at Trump International Hotel Wednesday afternoon when the quiet was suddenly shattered by unhinged DACA protesters.

While eavesdropping on fellow diners, Stein noted how things were “too quiet” among the “old & white” patrons.

Lo and behold, two short minutes later things were suddenly not so quiet and the “reporter,” being the beneficiary of such good fortune, just happened to be there to capture the political theater.

For some reason, these progressive left zealots believe that being rude and obnoxious will compel Americans to have sympathy for their cause.

Either that, or they plan on being unrelenting *ssholes until everyone submits to their demands.

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It seems Stein was too busy getting his “white guilt” on to notice the brown people at the restaurant who suddenly stood up and participated in the shenanigans.

Actually, he did know this, reporting that “the protesters, organized by the United We Dream advocacy group, rose out of their tables and started yelling in unison.”

A patron subjected to the nonsense had the best idea, shouting” “Lock them up.”

Of course, that seldom happens, which explains why civil disobedience continues to expand in America — there are few, if any consequences.

And when they are arrested, as seen Wednesday when the Brooklyn Bridge was shut down, the protesters – to included ELECTED OFFICIALS — are treated with kid gloves. NYPD went so far as to PROTECT illegal immigrants by opting not to fingerprint the morons shutting down traffic.

Needless to say, the protesters probably did little to sway any minds as traffic came to a stand still.

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