Chris Matthews wonders aloud if divide-&-conquer Dems could ever ‘run two white guys’ in 2020 and win

This is where identity politics has gotten the Democratic Party.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews wondered aloud about balance in the 2020 election lineup as he discussed the Democratic contenders with a panel on Wednesday.

Matthews asked Democratic strategist Steve McMahon if he “was right” that former Vice-President Joe Biden would be running for president in 2020 along with potential Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

“I think he’s always running,” McMahon said. “And he’s running until he isn’t running.”

Turning to Republican strategist John Brabender, Matthews questioned who would scare President Trump in an election.

“I think Biden actually would be a pretty formidable candidate if he were the nominee,” Brabender responded, noting that Biden’s age would probably not be an issue.

Once McClatchy’s Anita Kumar weighed in on whether the age of candidates running for office is a factor, Matthews dropped the big question for Democrats.

“I’ll be blunt now. At this point in time, the 2020 election, can they run two white men? Given the nature of the party, the makeup of the party today?” Matthews asked.  “Or does there have to be balance, gender balance, ethnic balance of some kind?”

Kumar quickly replied that balance is a must in a Democratic ticket.

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“Two white guys won’t do it?” Matthews asked. “Is it a deal breaker if it’s two white guys?”

Brabender pointed to the lack of a message for working class families from Democrats in the 2016 race as being part of the reason for their demise, but Matthews and the panel were stuck on the “balance” factor. The Hardball host even suggested that Biden’s running mate should be California Sen. Kamala Harris who is “very attractive politically” and would tick the boxes for gender, race, age and even coast.

McMahon took the idea further, suggesting Biden announce a one-term presidency with Harris so he could “pave the way for the first female president.”

It looks like Democrats may have to pull off some political gymnastics to squeeze all the diversity they tout into only two candidates, and then square them off against President Trump.

Some Twitter users offered their own winning ticket suggestions, which just seemed to reinforce the multitude of combinations based on anything but solving issues.

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