Will Trump’s twist in his DACA decision be political ‘suicide’ for the GOP?

Iowa Congressman Steve King responded to reports that President Donald Trump will end the Obama-era DACA program — which allows younger illegal immigrants, fondly referred to as Dreamers, to stay in the U.S. — by calling on the president to do so without delay.

…and King’s stated reason for concern has Democrats cheering.

A White House official reportedly said Trump will delay enforcement of his decision for six months to give Congress a window to act, according to Politico.

King took to Twitter to say that delay will result in political “suicide” for the GOP.

“Ending DACA now gives chance 2 restore Rule of Law. Delaying so R Leadership can push Amnesty is Republican suicide,” the conservative lawmaker tweeted.

This is a man who has been around Washington long enough to know just how weak-kneed Republican leadership can be and how eager they are to pander to the coveted Hispanic demographic.

Case in point, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., who has called on Trump to stand up for Dreamers.

Ros-Lehtinen tweeted Monday: “ was a temporary measure that Congress must now make a permanent law. 6 months is ample time for us to act!”

The Florida lawmaker removes any doubt that her district is heavily represented by Hispanic voters as she goes all in to call on Congress to “protect” illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.

Speaker Paul Ryan has said publicly that President Trump shouldn’t end DACA.

“I don’t think he should do that,” Ryan said, according to Politico. “I believe that this is something Congress has to fix.”

The speaker seems to forget he controls the agenda in the House and has had almost two years to take the issue up.

As Rep. King observed, this party shows every sign of being willing to step off the edge into oblivion.

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