This headline is a complete LIE! ‘Right-wing media’ never said LGBT lifestyle caused Hurricane Harvey

Leave it to the left to politicize the catastrophic flooding seen in Houston, using the disaster in a feeble attempt to smear conservative media.

The committed liberals at Raw Story ran a reprint of a Newsweek article that asked whether it was gay sex or climate change that caused Hurricane Harvey.

Looking to denigrate the opposition, Raw Story included its own creative headline: “Right-wing media rushes to blame Harvey on acceptance of LGBTQ Americans.”

…because when pushing a political narrative, who has time for facts.

The article taps a minister, an obscure talk radio host and right-wing bomb thrower Ann Coulter, which Raw Story interprets as the “ring-wing media.” And Coulter specifically said the opposite, that she “doesn’t believe Hurricane Harvey is God’s punishment for Houston electing a Lesbian mayor.”

With blinded vision like that, how can one take serious anything the website puts out?

Newsweek’s Harriet Sinclair, citing “overwhelming evidence that adverse weather and climate change had a hand to play in the storm,” cherry picked and manipulated comments and a tweet to fit her agenda.

On a side note, how do you argue against logic that says “adverse weather” caused a storm?

The tongue-in-cheek tweet being from Coulter, who was responding to an article that claimed Hurricane Harvey represented climate change.

At least Newsweek had enough decency about itself to target “some on the right” in its headline.

But Raw Story, not saddled with credibility concerns, fabricated the “ring-wing media” narrative — smearing a wide spectrum of conservative media outlets without a shred of any real evidence.

Tom Tillison


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