Trump melts hearts in Texas, but all you’ll see on networks tonight are two attention-grabbing ‘gaffes’

President Trump returned to Texas Saturday, just four days after his initial visit to assess the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey.

Arriving in Houston with first lady Melania Trump, the president got a chance to meet with the countless victims of the storm that roared in to the Lone Star State last week as a category 4 hurricane, leaving catastrophic flooding in Houston that has displaced thousands from their homes.

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Trump tweeted a message as he arrived  Saturday.

At the  NRG stadium, which is being used as a shelter, the president and first lady were greeted by evacuees.

The president even shared a hug with one little girl who ran up to meet him.

They also helped serve lunch to people staying at the shelter, taking time to speak to many who thanked him.

“Thank you so much sir, ” said one man who shook Trump’s hand. “My wife loves you, by the way, and so do I.”

Trump remarked to reporters that the people he had met at the shelter seemed to be doing well.

“They were just happy … a lot of happiness,” the president said, referring to how the Texans have come together in a time of immense difficulty and have inspired the nation.

“It’s been very nice. It’s been a wonderful thing. It’s – as tough as this was, it’s been a wonderful thing. I think even for the country to watch and for the world to watch. It’s been beautiful,” he shared. “Have a good time everybody, I’m going to be doing a little help over here.”

Of course, there was no shortage of negative reactions instantly following these comments by Trump.

Trump also remarked that the White House is working on documents to quickly get federal funding to the storm-ravaged area.

“We’re signing a lot of documents now to get money into Houston,” he said, referring to the $7.9 billion aid request sent to Congress.

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The entourage then headed to a church that was being used as a distribution center and later the president was able to make some remarks thanking Texas Gov. Abbott, Sen. Ted Cruz and others for their hard work in relief efforts.

Despite the attacks from liberals and the mainstream media criticizing Trump for his allegedly not being compassionate enough on his initial visit, the people he encountered seemed quite happy to have a president who cared enough to make a second visit.

Following is a sampling of Twitter reactions.

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