Photo thanking sleeping soldiers was slammed by haters, but things got more tense when it was removed

A Texas high school caved in to critics who complained about a photo of soldiers who were part of the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

The Katy High School Football team thought they would honor the many Marines and soldiers who were using the school as a staging ground for troops sent to help in the Houston area following devastating floods from the storm.

A photo tweeted out on Thursday, and shared by many in the media, showed a school hallway filled with sleeping members of the military.

“Inside of Katy High….these are the real heroes. Thank You for all that you do,” the post read, according to NBC4.

And while the sentiment and photo were certainly appropriate, apparently someone had to complain.

“Despite everything positive going on, a few outlets have taken the opportunity to bash Katy HS for soldiers sleeping in the hallway,” the Katy Football team wrote on Twitter. “National Guard has beds and cots…and by CHOICE several went into the hallway. So to defuse the situation, we’re removing the pic.”

That seemed to anger some people even more, as they saw the move as a concession to the haters.

The Katy Football team did tweet a few more comments, and updated with photos of the endless cots and beds provided at the school for the military service members who chose to use them.

With classes suspended for the week as Harvey roared in, the school welcomed soldiers working on relief efforts on Thursday. Photos and video of the troops were shared on social media, like the one from USA Today of the Army Humvees arriving in Katy.

Despite the removal of the photo of sleeping troops, which went viral anyway since Twitter is forever, countless comments poured in thanking the troops for their service to the devastated Texas communities.

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Frieda Powers


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