Dan Bongino warns DACA vote could be political suicide: ‘Spare me … the lectures on compassion’

Dan Bongino is one person who will be happy to say goodbye to the “illegal” Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

With pressure from Democrats and even some Republicans to keep the Obama-era policy that allows children brought into the United States illegally to remain in the country, President Trump announced he will make his decision about the fate of the “Dreamers” program on Tuesday.

“That flag that we have means something. That flag stands for the rule of law,” Bongino told “Fox & Friends” on Saturday. “There is absolutely no reason why we should be creating a special carve out to the rule of law for a group of people,”

The former U.S. Secret Service agent slammed the program as “unfair” and “unconstitutional,” noting that even former President Obama admitted he did not have the authority to stop the deportations.

“You can’t except an entire class of people from the rule of law,” Bongino argued before turning on liberals who denounce the deportations as cruel.

“Spare me, liberals, please, the lectures on compassion. Spare me. We are the most compassionate country on earth. If you were to do what you did in the United States and come here illegally in almost any other country in the world, you’d be getting a kick in the butt out of that country the next day,” he said.

“We take in millions, millions of people of the course of decades into this great country. We support them, we do not let them fail, and we give them every avenue to succeed. So spare me the lectures on compassion.”

Bongino blasted the hypocrisy of Congress for demanding “immediate action” to protect the Dreamer children while not giving the same priority to issues like taxes and health care that affect Americans.

“It’s amazing how they prioritize things,” he said. “When American citizens are impacted by the devastating effects of ObamaCare, we have a major storm, where’s the pressing need then?”

“Any Republican who votes for this, to institute DACA legislatively, good luck in the primary on that one,” he concluded. “I don’t think it’s going to work out well for you.”

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