While the waters rage, Politico deletes vile cartoon tweet mocking victims of Houston flood

While tens of thousands of Texans had their lives destroyed by Hurricane Harvey, the left-wing media snobs at Politico mocked their suffering in a sickening, racist cartoon.

politico cartoon Matt Wuerker mo
Politico mocked Hurricane Harvey victims as ignorant, religious white hillbillies. (Image: Matt Wuerker/Twitter)
Cartoonist Matt Wuerker. (Twitter)

Politico gleefully tweeted a snide drawing by Matt Wuerker that depicted Texans as ignorant, white, religious zealots who needed Big Government to rescue them.

Keep in mind that in Houston residents needed to be rescued because the city’s Democratic Mayor, Sylvester Turner, refused to issue an evacuation order — in defiance of Texas Republican governor Greg Abbott.

Amid heavy backlash, Politico deleted the cartoon from its Twitter account, but kept the offensive drawing up on its website.

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After being viciously dragged on social media, cartoonist Matt Wuerker claimed that he meant to mock Secessionists, not all Texans.

Of course, nobody bought his lame explanation.



In addition to mocking Hurricane Harvey victims, Politico tweeted, then deleted, this ridiculous post sneering at Melania Trump’s high heels, which she changed onboard Air Force One before landing in Texas.

Lol! Clown-faced, obese Vogue editor criticizes Melania Trump’s fashion choices


While the liberal media mocked hurricane victims from the safety of their computers, a kind Texas businessman housed and fed evacuees at his furniture stores.

A Kentucky man traveled to Houston to rescue hurricane victims. “I just wanted to cry,” he said. “I’ve never seen so much love in a place in my life.”


While patriotic Americans risked their lives to help others, this is what alt-left Antifa thugs did last weekend:


Here’s what a Harvey survivor (an anti-Trump liberal) said after being rescued: “There were no politics on the boat … there were no politics at the shelter. I am done with it. Houston is America.”

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