Joy Reid tweets easily debunked lies about Trump’s disaster team, ADMITS they’re false, says she’s leaving up the tweet

The left is famous for not allowing a crisis go to waste and MSNBC’s Joy Reid is no exception.

…even if she has to lie to pull it off.

Amid catastrophic and life threatening flooding in the Houston area, the MSNBC host took to Twitter to get her Trump hate on.

Responding to a social media user taking issue with President Donald Trump saying things are under control in Houston, Reid proceeded to claim: “No FEMA director, no NOAA director and no head of DHS. Plus an administration filled with cronies and climate change deniers. Going great!”

Reid conveniently overlooked FEMA Administrator Brock Long, Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Elaine Duke and Benjamin Friedman, who is performing the duties of NOAA Administrator.

As she is wont to do when posting inaccurate liberal propaganda, Reid responded to her tweet with a correction, leaving the false tweet standing — the response getting only a fraction of the views as the original.

‘Ovaries across America just exploded’: Houston SWAT officer carries woman and baby, then rescues the puppies!

The reaction on social media was quick, detailing the “seditious lies” taking place while people suffer.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

Fmr Hillary staffer freaks out when boat with Confederate flag rescues black flood victims

Tom Tillison


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