US company thinks it’s a prank when WH orders discontinued wallpaper rolls hand-picked by Trump for same day delivery

A Pennsylvania wallpaper company received an unexpected order from the White House earlier this month that led the company to believe it was a prank.

The order was for a wallpaper style discontinued in 2014, which was hand-picked by President Donald Trump, and the White House wanted it the same day.

Deanna Hain, director of marketing for York Wallcoverings, told Fox 43 their initial reaction was to doubt the order.

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“We get the call over the loudspeaker that we have the White House on the phone, so I called down to the receptionist to say I thought it was a prank,” Hain said.

But it was real.

And York Wallcoverings, showing the entrepreneurial spirit that made America great, sprang into action to fulfill the order.

Excited to know their wallpaper would hang in the Oval Office, the employees were up for the challenge.

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“They quickly realized it was the real deal so all hands on deck because the pattern was actually expired,” company president PJ Delaye told the Fox affiliate.

Twenty or so employees stopped everything and scrambled to pull the difficult task off, having to pull the new cylinders out and run a special printing.

And they pulled the amazing feat off, delivering the order by the 7 p.m. request time.

Delaye said it was a proud moment for the company.

“You don’t count the 300-some employees who felt humongous pride because this is by far one of the most prominent offices we’ve had the pleasure of adorning the walls,” he explained.

Turns out, the company has covered wall in the White House before — in the bathroom.

“I believe with George Bush, we were in the bathroom,” Hain said. “So we joke we kind of upgraded ourselves to a more prominent space in the building.”

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