James Rosen sets whining Jim Acosta straight over how the Obama administration treated Fox News

Fox News’ James Rosen effectively told CNN’s Jim Acosta to put a sock in it.

Rosen set the CNN anchor straight after Acosta whined in a tweet about how CNN was being treated at Thursday’s White House press briefing.

Acosta has repeatedly complained about the press briefings, has had meltdowns over President Trump calling CNN “fake news” and over the decision to ban cameras from the daily gatherings.

On Thursday, he sarcastically tweeted another complaint.

But when he followed up claiming the Obama administration had not treated Fox News as unfairly as CNN was being treated by the Trump administration, he was owned by Rosen.

Acosta quickly responded, clarifying that he was only referring to the daily press briefings.

Rosen then did a little clarifying himself.

The Chief Washington correspondent for Fox News had been labeled by the Obama administration as a “criminal co-conspirator and a flight risk” for reporting on North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and became the target of  surveillance in 2013. Rosen did not learn that he was being spied on until four years later.

“Not even Neil Sheehan, who is the New York Times reporter back in 1971 who published the Pentagon Papers, 7,000 classified documents, was designated by the Nixon administration as a criminal co-conspirator in a violation of the Espionage Act,” Rosen said back in March.  “So that was an honor I had all unto myself.”

Rosen’s lesson to Acosta was not met with a reply from the CNN host, but plenty of Twitter users enjoyed the takedown.

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Frieda Powers


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