Tone-deaf CNN wants you to believe ESPN’s decision to pull Robert Lee wasn’t so stupid after all

To the surprise of no one paying attention, CNN stands with ESPN over the sports network’s decision to pull announcer Robert Lee from a college football game being played in Charlottesville because of his name.

CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter shared on Twitter a snippet of an internal memo from the skipper of ESPN, John Skipper, who insisted the decision was about protecting Robert Lee — the announcer, not the statue — from “social hectoring and trolling.”

…by making such a boneheaded decision that ESPN instead would be the subject of social hectoring and trolling!

A social media user offered a translation of the corporate-speak that cuts to the chase:

CNN also shared an op-ed from Roxanne Jones, a founding editor of ESPN Magazine and former vice president at ESPN.

Betraying her liberal constitution, she opens with: “In the testosterone-laced world of sports, sometimes your name means everything.”

Four sentences in, unemployed NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s name is brought up, before Jones points to “America’s toxic culture of bigotry, hate and violence” to say there was nothing unreasonable about her former employer’s decision to pull Lee from the game.

“Nope, not unreasonable at all. Not in today’s America,” Jones explained. “Not when we just witnessed heavily armed, swastika-wearing protesters who believe in white supremacy clashing in the streets with counterprotesters, who believed just as passionately that all people are created equal.”

Antifa may be passionate, but that passion is more about destroying than it is about equality.

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Here’s a sampling of the reactions from social media users who believe CNN may have “officially” lost its collective mind.

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