Leftists viciously turn on ACLU for innocuous patriotic tweet featuring a white toddler

SS blonde baby aclu white supremacy
The ACLU learned that anyone who posts a photo of a white baby is a white supremacist in today’s toxic PC culture. (Image: Shutterstock)

You can’t make this stuff up. The American Civil Liberties Union conceded that it was promoting white supremacy when it tweeted a benign photo of a white, blonde baby holding an American flag.

“This is the future that ACLU members want,” the civil rights group tweeted, along with a photo of a white blond baby wearing a “free speech” onesie.

The ultra-liberal activist group was immediately attacked by leftist PC nazis, who accused it of endorsing white supremacy.

“The future ACLU wants is a blond kid?” one Twitter user ranted. Another chimed in: “Tweeting little blond kids? Get your sh*t together.”

Here’s the original, innocuous tweet:

Here’s the ACLU’s apology after being besieged by triggered leftist snowflakes, the Daily Caller reported:

It’s hard to believe these over-the-top race-baiting reactions are real. But they are.

We are now in a dangerous time where simply being white or having blonde hair is a racist symbol of white supremacy. Same with the American flag; simply waving it means you’re racist.

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Meanwhile, rational people reacted with disbelief at the ACLU’s admission that tweeting a photo of a white child means it’s endorsing white supremacy. Sigh.

Samantha Chang


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