GOP Senatorial Campaign Committee trolls ‘Mexico Joe’ opponent with five-man mariachi band

The National Republican Senatorial Committee took a musical jab at an incumbent Democratic senator from Indiana.

The publicity stunt involving an authentic five-man Mexican mariachi band was captured on video that the NRSC shared Wednesday after trolling incumbent Democrat Sen. Joe Donnelly at a campaign stop north of Indianapolis.

“Joe Donnelly kicked off his campaign…so we welcomed him with a special gift,” read the caption at the start of the video featuring the senator who has been dubbed, “Mexico Joe.”

Donnelly, who is seeking reelection in 2018, has been battling accusations of hypocrisy after he publicly denounced outsourcing of jobs while his family’s business privately sent jobs to Mexico, according to the Washington Examiner.

“Joe Donnelly can try to make Hoosiers forget about his family business’s outsourcing controversy,” an NRSC spokesman said in a press release, “but we’ll make sure it’s the first thing on voters’ minds when they head to the polls in 2018.”

Donnelly won 50 percent of the vote in 2012 when he was elected, but in a state where Donald Trump beat Democrat Hillary Clinton by nearly 20 percentage points, things may not be looking so promising for the Democratic senator.

He seemed a bit confused as he and his supporters noticed the mariachi band, accompanied by men holding signs that read “Made in Mexico” with “USA” crossed out and “Outsource Donnelly out of DC.”

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The Donnelly campaign told the IndyStar that the musicians had to be told to leave the property twice. The group was told they could not be on private property and moved to a public area, according to Gary Bronkella, a trustee at the union hall location. They were asked to leave again, he noted, when they returned with their video cameras to the parking lot.

Despite how it appears in the video, the senator reportedly never even saw the band, Donnelly’s campaign manager Peter Hanscom said, according to IndyStar.

Naturally, Democrats and other Donnelly fans condemned the stunt on social media.

But others saw the stunt as appropriate and even funny.

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