Dan Bongino hilariously NAILS the difference between ‘Queens’ Trump and ‘upper-crust’ McConnell

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino has an explanation of the hometown identity of politicians and how it leads to an “insider swamp creature” like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Bongino defended President Trump and dismissed criticism by former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper who questioned Trump’s “fitness” for office following a rally in Phoenix, Arizona.

“They just don’t understand Trump. He’s a Queens guy,” Bongino said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday.

“I’m a Queens guy. We were never as rich as the Manhattan guys, never as tough as the Brooklyn and the Bronx guys,” Bongino explained. “They always have this ‘I gotta be better than them.’ That’s Trump.”

Bongino, a Trump supporter himself, pointed out that this understanding would help those who struggle trying to figure out the president.

“When you understand he’s a Queens guy, this all makes sense. Clapper doesn’t get him. These guys just don’t get him. He’s a fighter, he’s a Queens guy.”

“So he’s not mentally unhealthy, he’s just from Queens?” Brian Kilmeade clarified.

Bongino agreed, admitting that many liberals think the same of him, slamming as “grotesquely inappropriate” the comments made about Trump’s mental state of mind by his opponents.

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Anchor Steve Doocy asked Bongino if there is now a showdown in Washington, D.C. between “a Queens guy” and “the guy from Kentucky with Mitch McConnell.”

“Yeah, you’ve got the Queens guy. And then you’ve got this upper-crust, bow-tie wearing, foie-gras eating, insider swamp creature in Mitch McConnell, and he doesn’t understand a builder from Queens,” Bongino replied.

“He’s had to deal with unions, he’s had to deal with city regulators his entire life,” Bongino said, defending Trump. “You’ve got a brawler at a golf match and they’re wondering what’s going on.”

He pointed out that Americans agree with Trump and that is why he is in office.

“It’s time for a brawler in office,” Bongino concluded.

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