Dick Morris’ advice to Trump: Hire a special prosecutor to investigate special prosecutor Mueller’s leaks

Author and political commentator Dick Morris had some free advice for President Trump to “fight fire with fire” against those looking to take him down.

Morris warned the president about watching his step – and his back – during an interview with The Daily Caller to promote his new book, “Rogue Spooks: The Intelligence War On Donald Trump.”

“I think he should appoint his own special prosecutor,” the former pollster and campaign consultant said. “Have [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions appoint special prosecutor to investigate Special Prosecutor’s Robert Mueller‘s leaks. He can have Sessions appoint anybody he wants.”

A move like this from Trump would certainly set Washington off, and Morris thinks that would be a good thing.

“Thank goodness it would,” Morris responded when asked by the Daily Caller if Washington would go “ballistic.”

“Those leaks are illegal. Almost everyday there is a leak from Mueller’s office, which is illegal,” Morris said. “That investigation should include Comey’s leaking conversations with the President and the conversation between [former Attorney General] Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on the tarmac.”

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As for the special prosecutor, Morris had another perspective for the president.

“I do not think he should fire Mueller,” he said.  “He should hobble him.”

Morris elaborated on his view that Trump needs to remain wary of the “deep state,” establishment in his administration.

“I think the deep state is taking over the Trump presidency. By that I mean the permanent government, the establishment in coalition with the media,” he said. “The media wants Trump out and is willing to do anything it has to do to do that.”

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