What Trump just tweeted about Bannon’s return to Breitbart opened a floodgate!

A mid-Saturday tweet by President Donald J. Trump has Trump-haters losing their collective minds, to put it mildly.

It was almost impossible to find a sampling of positive responses among the disgusting, vulgar cesspool of visual and written smut. The sheer number of memes depicting POTUS and his staff wearing KKK hoods is frightening, not to mention the naked pictures of our president performing vulgar sex acts. What is wrong with these sick people?

Here’s the tweet and a few positive responses. We’re not going to post the hate. We’ll keep you posted if anyone on the other side has anything sane to offer.

Trump tweeted a nod to Bannon earlier in the day, as well.


‘I feel jacked up … I’ve got my hands back on my weapons’: Bannon clears things up for salivating press


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