Dems were outraged over this stuffed monkey hanging from a power line

For Democrats, regular order begins with playing the race card, followed by learning the facts.

In a story that perfectly encapsulates the rush to judgement frequently seen from hypersensitive Democrats, all the way up to the White House when former President Barack Obama called it home, a town council member cried racism, only to later find it may have been a big misunderstanding.

When Louisville  Councilman Brandon Coan was told of a stuffed monkey hanging from an overhead utility line, the outraged Democrat called it a “disgusting display of hatred, bigotry and racism,” according to The Journal-Courier.

Resident Brian Barnes had a similar take when he reported the “incident” to Coan, the newspaper reported.

“It is hard to see it as anything other than an expression of hate,” Barnes said. “This is shocking and unwelcome in a normally tranquil and friendly place. It’s very upsetting to many of us in the neighborhood.”

But when Coan went to the apartment complex, he learned it may be much ado about nothing.

There were conflicting stories, but one resident said the stuffed monkey had been hung several years back to discourage birds, the Courier-Journal reported. Dolls were also said to be hanging on the utility line at one point, but are no longer there.

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Coan said others told him it had been there for months or for just a few days. He had a city work crew take down the stuffed monkey and said he was going to turn it over to the police.

A stuffed monkey was spotted at an airport in Canada earlier in the week, but it’s not clear if this is the same monkey.

With such a toxic atmosphere in the U.S. over race relations, the little guy could have made a jail break and decided to lay low in another country for a while!





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