Chelsea Clinton likely regrets her Lucifer analogy after Mark Steyn’s reminder of her ‘Satanic archbishop’

Conservative author and commentator Mark Steyn gave Chelsea Clinton a history lesson after the former first daughter weighed in on the controversy over Confederate statues.

Clinton took to social media to say statues of men like Confederate General Robert E. Lee is comparable to a statue of Lucifer being in a church.

“The story of Lucifer-who rebelled against God-is part of many Christians’ traditions. I’ve never been in a church with a Lucifer statue,” she tweeted.

Steyn called Clinton out over the hypocrisy of her objection while questioning her grasp of history.

“I don’t think she’s very sound on the theology or the history,” he explained. “If the Confederacy is Satanic, the church… of Satan is the Democratic Party.”


The Canadian born Steyn proceeded to give Clinton a history lesson.

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“The Democrats were the biggest institutional supporters of slavery on the planet in the 19th Century,” he said. “And, they’re the only ones to have survived into the 21st Century.”

Steyn the referenced Sen. Robert Byrd, the deceased Democratic lawmaker who was once an “exalted cyclops” of the KKK, and using Clinton’s analogy, said that would make Byrd a “Satanic archbishop.”

He also reminded Clinton that her father, former President Bill Clinton, presided over Byrd’s funeral.

Watch Steyn’s appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” below:

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