Amazing old clip of Judge Judy’s badassery emerges, and folks can’t get enough

Television’s Judge Judy can undoubtedly lay down the law but in one case involving a little poodle, some practical wisdom won the day.

A clip from a 2012 episode of the Judge Judy show has recently resurfaced and amazingly been viewed nearly 7 million times. The segment featured a case involving two parties claiming ownership of the same dog.

The defendant in the case claimed she legally bought the white poodle, named Baby Boy, from someone on the street for $50. She produced paperwork which she said showed that her vet told her the dog was a different age than the one the plaintiff claimed was his.

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The plaintiff, on the other hand, insisted that the dog was his and was sold without his consent or knowledge.

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In the edited clip of the episode, Judge Judy Sheindlin decided Baby Boy would be the best one to decide his own fate. She ordered him to be brought in to the courtroom.

“Madame, listen to me carefully,” she said as Baby Boy made his entrance. “Put the dog down! Put the dog down.”

The pup made a straight run for the plaintiff, wagging his tail and jumping at his leg as the courtroom erupted in applause.

The defendant attempted to say the dog “does that with everybody,” but the judge was having none of it.

Directing the plaintiff to pick up his pooch, which he did as he wiped away emotional tears, Judge Judy closed the case.

“That’s all. Take the dog home,” she said.

“This means everything in the world to me,” the man said in a post-hearing interview. “This is like my child.”

The segment is enjoying its second life online as views of the viral video continue to climb.

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