Romney sides with Antifa over Trump; Ann Coulter comes out swinging at him … and she had backup

Is Mitt Romney that confused?

The former Massachusetts governor seems to have been drinking the liberal media kool-aid, defending the far-left antifa against President Trump who doubled down on his condemnation of all groups involved in violence that erupted at a Charlottesville, Va. rally over the weekend.

Antifa opposes racism and bigotry?

White supremacists clashed with violent radical leftists in Virginia, leaving injuries and even death in the wake of their agendas. President Trump has sent liberals into meltdowns over his refusal to call out the so-called alt-right as the culprits behind the violence that cost the lives of three people, including a counter-protester who was killed when a car drove into the crowd.

Trump has condemned the actions of those on both sides of the debate, but his critics – and Trump bashers like Romney – are apparently ready to defend the violent leftists to suit their crusade against the president. Mainstream media has all but made heroes of the far left groups with CNN anchors even defending antifa agitators on the air.

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Ann Coulter took to Twitter to unload on the former 2012 GOP presidential nominee.

And Coulter was not alone.

Twitter users gave Romney an earful.

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