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Ana Navarro berates Jan Brewer brutally about a video, Lemon tried to pile on by playing clip … oops

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CNN’s favorite anti-Trump minority conservative, Ana Navarro, went off on President Donald Trump Tuesday night for his comment earlier in the day about U.S. Sen. John McCain.

But when Jan Brewer, the former Republican governor of Arizona, pressed over what Trump’s actually words were, Navarra and “CNN Tonight” host Don Lemon suddenly moved the goal post to focus instead on HOW the president said what he said.

Proof positive that the left is not only trying to regulate words, but the tone in which they are offered.

The point of contention was Trump saying during his press conference that McCain “voted against us getting good health care” — a reference to the Arizona senator being the deciding vote to defeat an effort to repeal Obamacare.

Navarro, who once called Trump “a racist, misogynist, lying pig,” was beside herself over the president’s comment.

“I find that offensive, she said. “Not only as a friend of John McCain, but as an American. I find it offensive as a human with empathy. I find it offensive for my friend Cindy and Megyn McCain. I find it unacceptable.”

Navarro, who was smug and condescending toward Brewer throughout the segment, ranted on about not respecting Trump, before the former governor pressed on what he actually said.

Navarro berated Brewer brutally saying that she surely hadn’t seen the video and that she should have prepared better for the segment by watching the clip in question, which Brewer had done. The problem is that it was nothing like what Navarro described.

After Lemon played a clip from the press conference and Brewer began to explain that what Trump said was accurate and there was nothing bad about it, the host and his rude guest both had egg on their faces.

No worries, she was promptly lectured about “context” and tone. Lemon even gave her a patronizing example before interrupting her to ask if the comment was meant in a “kind manner.”

After a long pause and a gasp of frustration, Brewer, who wasn’t well equipped to offer a counter-argument, responded, “Are you kidding me?”

Unfortunately, Lemon wasn’t kidding.

Tom Tillison


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