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‘A pox on both houses!’ Of all the first family Twitter activity on Charlottesville, Trump Jr’s leads to the ‘F word’

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Liberals refuse to condemn the violence of the alt-left antifa, even though conservatives condemn all violence. (Image: screengrab)

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The Right is doing something the Left refuses to do after the Charlottesville clash between neo-Nazis and antifa, which is to condemn ALL violence from both sides.

President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., illustrated this point with a simple gesture: by “liking” a tweet by Jim Hanson, who denounced white supremacist David Duke by tweeting “F*ck you!” to him.

Hanson — the president of Security Studies Group and a former Army Special Forces weapons specialist — was reacting to Duke’s attack on President Trump for disavowing white supremacists.

Hanson’s “F-you” to Duke was a message that patriotic conservatives do not want the support of fringe white supremacists or racist neo-Nazis. Most conservatives feel the same.

This is a stark contrast from liberals, who refuse to condemn or disavow the violence, rioting, and looting of the alt-left antifa anarchists.

Jim Hanson expanded on his thoughts with a little less vulgarity in the video tweet below. This wasn’t retweeted by Don Jr., but it is definitely worth watching.

The liberal media essentially has a blackout on covering incidents where antifa vandalize private property, set fires to buildings and cars, beat up Trump supporters, and report fake hate crimes.

In contrast, the right immediately disavowed the violence and hatred of the fringe white supremacists who marched at Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend.

In response to their blanket condemnation of ALL violence, conservatives got called racists, like decorated Army veteran and Fox News host Pete Hegseth.

trump-protest-die-whites graffiti
Why won’t the left condemn anti-white racism? (Image: Twitter)

Predictably, the left continued to push the fake-news narrative that ALL whites are racist and all Trump supporters are white supremacists.

Of course, they have no response for the millions of minorities who support Trump. Are they also Nazis and white supremacists? Technically, they can’t be.

Dr. Carol Swain, an attorney and professor at Vanderbilt University, slammed liberals for deliberately conflating all whites with white supremacists, saying that type of idiotic propaganda erodes their credibility.

Swain said it’s ridiculous to say whites have no right to complain about anything because they all have “white privilege.” Just look around you: There are plenty of poor, underprivileged whites.

Black professor gets the difference between whites who are tired of being browbeaten and real racists

Meanwhile, here’s a small sampling of conservatives denouncing and condemning white supremacists and neo-Nazis. There’s still silence from liberals about antifa violence and racism.

Remember who the real Nazi is: Democratic mega-donor George Soros, who’s bankrolling the violent antifa riots around the world. In his youth, Soros was an actual member of the Nazi party. Let that sink in.


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