‘Kid Rock’ may not be eligible for Michigan ballot… Dems breathe sigh of relief

While it’s not a reprieve, Democrats — and establishment Republicans — can breathe a little easier upon learning that Kid Rock may not be eligible for the ballot in Michigan.

…which is not to say that Robert James Ritchie is ineligible.

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Of course, Ritchie uses the stage name “Kid Rock” when performing, but if he decides to run for the U.S. Senate, an idea he has been flirting with, the moniker “Kid Rock,” a household name, is not likely to grace the ballot.

“At an initial glance, Ritchie’s stage name isn’t an obviously acceptable name under the state’s criteria,” Roll Call reported.

If the popular recording artist wanted to be listed as Kid Rock on the ballot, the Michigan Bureau of Elections would have to determine if the name would be allowed.

More from Roll Call:

According to Michigan law via the Affidavit of Identity and Receipt of Filing, there are five stipulations regarding the manner in which a candidate can have his or her name printed on the ballot.

For example, a candidate “may specify that both his or her given name and middle name, or only a middle name, shall appear on the ballot,” or “may specify a name that constitutes a common law name in accordance with the Michigan Department of State Guidelines.” But according to the rules, candidates may not use a “nickname that is not a recognized diminutive of the candidate’s given name.”


One thing is certain, if there is a Kid Rock 2018 run, it will not be your run of the mill campaign.

The rocker tweeted a photo of himself recently aboard “Rock Force One,” as a social media user dubbed the plane, flipping two middle fingers, which is what millions of Americans would like to do to inept politicians in Washington, D.C. He was joined in the background by five hot women.

“Wheels up motherf**kers,” the accompanying caption declared.

But Roll Call said it’s “possible that Ritchie may want to appear as a more traditional candidate and opt against using his stage name.”

Don’t count on it.

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