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Visit to Trump’s White House causes very public rift in Rock & Roll band Journey, possible split

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The journey might be over for the newly minted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band Journey, and President Trump just might be partially to blame.

Apparently, three members of the band, including lead singer Arnel Pineda, visited the White House in late July without telling one of their bandmates.

Perhaps they didn’t tell bandmate Neal Schon since they knew his position on the matter, but the lead guitarist was reportedly not happy about the visit because of his strong feelings about not bringing “politics or religion” into the band.

“How would you feel if u found out that the rest of the band wanted to tour without me?” Schon tweeted.

Which seemed to bring to light a whole other level of differences between some of the band members, according to Variety.

“Everybody’s entitled to like and believe what they want but when we’ve had this discussion many, many times it was always a no WH. All know,” Schon wrote. “Arranged photo op against what we’ve all stood for up until 2 years ago (when) Jon changed radically… And then on top of it the stories that have stemmed from their visit say JOURNEY was there. Like I don’t exist. I brought all these guys in.”

It’s supposedly not about President Trump at all, just an aversion to becoming involved in politics.

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Schon also had a response to someone suggesting he was trying to run the show himself.

However, the rift between Schon and lead singer Pineda, whom Schon brought in a decade ago to replace original band member Steve Perry, continues to grow.

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Will Journey fans, you know, stop believing that the group can somehow get along and stay together? Only time will tell.

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