IT aide had access to emails of every single member of Congress and he’s being accused of selling info

The arrest of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s former information technology aide for bank fraud may be just the “tip of the iceberg.”

Pakistani-born Imran Awan, who worked for the former chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee since 2005, was barred from accessing the computer systems in the House of Representatives in February but Wasserman Schultz kept him on her payroll until the day after his arrest last week.

“He was arrested for some financial crime. That’s the tip of the iceberg,” Judge Andrew Napolitano said Monday on Fox Business Network’s “Varney and Co.”

“The real crime against him was that he had contact, he had access to emails of every member of Congress and he sold what he found in there,” Napolitano added.

Awan, along with members of his family, were terminated in February and lost access to the congressional IT system over suspicions of alleged hacking and transfer of data, emails and files from the offices of many House Democrats.

And while House Democrats fired Imran and his family, Wasserman Schultz kept him on the payroll and possibly allowed him to still have access to computer files.

Napolitano believes Democrats’ sensitive information that Awan had access to could have been sold to foreign agents.

“What did he sell and to whom did he sell it,” Napolitano said.  “That’s what the FBI wants to know.”

“At this point I don’t believe they know what he sold and to whom he sold it. But they do know what he had access to,” Napolitano continued, “which is virtually everything in the House of Representatives.”

As Wasserman Schultz’s IT administrator, Awan would have access to all of the Florida Democrat’s emails and be able to see all files on the staff members’ computers.

“This may be a very, very serious national security investigation,” Napolitano concluded.

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Frieda Powers


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