Feminists roar new film is ‘an excuse for men to celebrate maleness’ … after Wonder Woman? Pulease!

While the liberal media cheered the release of “Wonder Woman,” the film “Dunkirk” is getting an altogether different reaction.

Right out of the gate, there were complaints of there being no lead actors of color, the realities of the moment be damned… and now feminists are having their say.

In critiquing the World War Two flick about allied soldiers from Britain, France and Belium being evacuated from the beaches of Dunkirk as the German army closed in on them, Marie Claire’s Mehera Bonna was perturbed that there were so few women featured.

“[M]y main issue with ‘Dunkirk’ is that it’s so clearly designed for men to man-out over,” Bonna wrote, adding that the film and the reaction to it “screams ‘men-only.'”

To ensure her feminist take is not missed, in sharing her critique on social media, Bonna tweeted: “.@dunkirkmovie feels like an excuse for men to celebrate maleness—and don’t they get to do that enough already?”

The critique is a slap in the face to the families of the hundreds of thousands of young men celebrating thier maleness as they died to free Europe from the death grip of the Nazi war machine.

As is often the case, liberals prompt the opposite reaction than they may have intended, as seen in a tweet from actor James Wood:

Here’s a sampling of other tweets from Twitter:





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