‘America is afraid’ to put up this Trump billboard, says artist, after 30 failed attempts, here’s what happened

A busy Mexican highway is adorned with a billboard that depicts President Donald Trump as an alien intruder.

Created by Chicago-based artist Mitch O’Connell, the eye-catching billboard features “a caricature of Trump with a blue and red fleshless face beneath his blond hair,” Reuters reported.

The billboard also features the president’s campaign slogan: “Make America Great Again.”

Getty Trump Billboard
(Photo credit: BERNARDO MONTOYA/AFP/Getty Images)

Which makes for an odd message for Mexicans, but there’s a reason behind that.

“America is afraid to put up this tongue-in-cheek billboard,” O’Connell told Reuters. “Then Mexico came to mind because Trump started out his campaign by being cruel and mean to everyone in Mexico.”

Getty - Trump Billboard
(Photo credit: BERNARDO MONTOYA/AFP/Getty Images)

Reuters noted that O’Connell failed in 30 or so attempts to pitch the billboard in various U.S. cities.

The artist set up a GoFundMe page earlier this year in support of the effort, raising about $3,ooo, but he said no U.S. company  “wanted to touch it because it’s political.”

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