Geraldo defends Mooch’s profane rant! After all, the ‘West Wing is absolutely riddled with RATS’

Geraldo Rivera “gets” Anthony Scaramucci.

Rivera defended the newly appointed White House Communications Director against his “rookie mistake” in speaking to a New Yorker reporter about White House leaks.

“I get where Anthony Scaramucci is coming from, where that language is from,” Rivera said on “Fox & Friends” Friday, referring to the colorful choice of words used by Scaramucci revealed in the piece.

Rivera explained that the “locker room” language was not so shocking as he “filtered it through” the fact that Scaramucci, like himself and a few other Fox News personalities, are from the same part of New York’s Long Island area where that style of communicating is normal.

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“His big mistake was being so naive as to talk to a New Yorker who hates the Republican Party, and hates President Trump, as if he would be speaking with us,” Rivera said.

Despite how he chose to deliver his remarks, however, Scaramucci “spoke exactly the truth,” Rivera continued.

“The West Wing is absolutely riddled with rats,” he argued, explaining that President Trump surrounds himself with family because he knows he can trust them “in a building filled with rats.”

Scaramucci’s remarks on White House Chief of Staff Reince Prieibus, delivered with “New York bombaste” were “absolutely true” according to Rivera.

“Reince Prieibus comes from the deep state, he’s a dyed-in-the-wool, establishment, GOP guy who got dragged in kicking and screaming after Trump’s nomination was inevitable,” Rivera said. “He’s not a Trump guy. I don’t trust him.”

Rivera agreed with Scaramucci’s assessment that Priebus and Steve Bannon have their own agendas that differ from the president’s and Trump needs to remove them if he wants to move forward. Rivera, himself a longtime friend of Trump’s, believes the president should bring in more people who are deeply loyal to him and can be trusted, citing former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski as an example of someone who “would take a bullet for the president.”

Rivera concluded that Scaramucci was “one hundred percent right” in his remarks, though he would have advised him about keeping things off the record in his profanity-laced conversation with the reporter.

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“If you whittle down the nuggets between the expletives, there’s nothing there but truth,” Rivera said, before adding that Scaramucci’s new position is “a job I would have loved.”

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