Woman gets ‘slugged’ in the face at a party; see why viral video is being hailed a ‘work of art’

This Scottish woman just changed the meaning of getting slugged in the face.

A Twitter video which shows a brunette getting slapped on her forehead by a slimy creature flying through the air has gone viral.


A blond girl at the party is seen pretending  to give a slug resting on a paper plate a big smooch when suddenly she flings it at the unsuspecting partygoer.

The brunettes hilarious reaction is what makes the video funny. Seemingly in shock, she takes the time to set her drink down before losing her cool and letting out a deafening shriek.

Sadly the poor slug didn’t survive.

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Hayleigh Cassidy posted the video which has been retweeted nearly 12,000 times and has over 18,000 likes.

One Twitter user even called the whole mishap a “work of art”


Many found the whole thing hysterical.

While others found the slugs death quite disturbing.

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