Walmart customer unleashes on thug security guy who behaved like a jerk, wrongly accused her of stealing

A loss prevention officer at a Minnesota Walmart was eviscerated by a shopper he wrongly accused of stealing.

The shopper, 45 year-old Gina Lescarbeau, did not put up with the employee who apparently thought he had more authority than he did, sharing the incident as it unfolded on Facebook.

As she was leaving the Burnsville Walmart location on July 21, Lescarbeau was allegedly approached by loss prevention workers Kenny Swanson-Peck and Thomas Ewalt who accused her of not paying for one of the items in her cart, the Daily Mail reported.

“You know the lion isn’t on the receipt,”  Swanson-Peck said as Lescarbeau began to video the encounter.

(Images: screengrab – Felipe Hemming/YouTube)

“You could record me all you want,” he said to an already angry Lescarbeau who unleashed an expletive-laden rant when she was asked to go to his office.

“I’m going, and don’t you think I’m a fucking criminal cause I’m not,” she said as Swanson-Peck rudely ordered “Let’s go.”

Back in an office, Lescarbeau can be heard taking items out of her purse as she continued to get angrier at how she was being treated. But Swanson-Peck was not done although he could find no issues except one Lion King stuffed toy.

“The lion isn’t on the receipt,” he said. “I don’t see anything on there for 15 dollars.”

“Really, whats the price on it? Its seven dollars right?” the now fuming shopper asked. “According to your website its seven dollars.”

Scanning the bar code, the employee finally realized his error but offered no apologies.

“I don’t feel like dealing with this,” was all he could say.

“You’re going to make me look f***ing criminal?” Lescarbeau shot back. “Yeah, your face a little red, you’re gonna make me look f***ing dumb.”

“Keep cussing at me, see where it’s gonna get ya,” Swanson-Peck responded, still unapologetic.

“Where am I gonna go to? Cussing jail?” Lescarbeau asked sarcastically.

Obviously everyone makes mistakes but this Walmart employee didn’t seem to want to admit he was wrong, and certainly did nothing to appease a customer who was mistreated.

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Frieda Powers


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