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Women in headscarves caught on camera stealing donations from charity box

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Two women with scarves covering their heads were captured on video stealing a charity donation box from a fast food restaurant counter.

…but all is not what it appears, it seems.

Turns out, the women are suspected of being Romanian gypsies posing as Muslims.

Nauman Ahmed, 25, told the British tabloid Metro, “They speak very broken English. A lot of people have said they are Romanian – they’re dressing up to look Muslim.”

His cousin, Hakeel Ahmed, runs Freddy’s Fried Chicken & Pizza takeaway in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

“I found it very shocking and upsetting,” Ahmed said. “I am disgusted that they would stoop so low with such an act.

“They are bad people and God will punish them. These people need to be removed off of the streets.”

The box reportedly had over 50 British pounds in it.

Tom Tillison


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