EMT sees 7-yr-old girl driving car on busy Brooklyn street as dad ODs next to her

One can just image the sense of shock an EMT experienced when she saw a small child steering a car on a busy Brooklyn street.

…a 7-year-old girl who turned out to be a live saver.

Eric Roman, 37, reportedly overdosed while driving his Lexus and his daughter jumped into his lap and continued to steer the vehicle, The New York Daily News reported.

That’s when FDNY EMT Arlene Garcia, a mother of three, ages 9, 10, and 11, and her partner, Charles Zimring, came upon the scene.

“We turned with the car and saw this little girl behind the wheel,” Garcia told the Daily News. “I’m a mom, so I was freaking out. I started yelling at her to pull over and stop the car.”

A feat that proved to be above the child’s ability.

“There’s no way her feet could reach the pedals,” Gracia said. “We were turning with her, telling her to pull over, waving our arms wildly at her, but she wasn’t pulling over.”

So the EMTs pulled their ambulance in front of the slow-moving car and came to a stop, forcing the Lexus to a halt when it hit thier bumper.

“When we asked her what happened, she said ‘My dad was sleeping so I was going to finish driving him home,'” Garcia said. “She wasn’t scared at all. She was so great.”

The child did have one concern: being grounded for driving without permission.

As for “dad,” he was given a life-saving dose of the opioid antidote Naloxone and taken to a nearby hospital.

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