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Rough crowd! ‘Mr. Beach’ Chris Christie booed, mocked by announcer after catching impressive Mets foul ball

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If the reaction by Mets fans is any indication, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is still on the outs.

Christie, known (and once embraced) for his brash manner, is still reeling after being spotted relaxing on beach he had closed to the public. The media had a field day with the pictures of Christie “sunning himself” and social media was relentless in coming up with the most hilarious “Beachgate” meme.

The governor didn’t shed his tough demeanor, however, and shrugged off the criticism with  “I didn’t get any sun today.”

That didn’t help his case for those who either can’t stand Republicans, or for those who abhor what appeared to be an elitist double standard.

Hence, the New York Mets vs St. Louis Cardinals baseball game Tuesday night, where of all places a foul ball finds Christie in the stands. Without missing a beat, or even getting up, Christie does a one-handed catch of the wayward ball before handing it off to a young fan.

Impressive? Hardly, according to boos from the crowd.

Even the game announcer mocked Christie by bringing up the beach fiasco. “And a souvenir for Chris Christie. Are you kidding me?” the announcer says with apparent disbelief.

“Nice to see him get from the beach here to the ball park,” he added.


It didn’t take long for the scenario to reach social media and spread like wildfire. Of course, far-lefty Keith Olberman was quick to pounce on the Christie bashing bandwagon:


So, there’s that. But, no one cared:


No, he gave it away… remember? Oh, nevermind.


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