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‘Black folks have never wanted a handout’: Lawrence Jones says victim mentality will no longer win elections for Dems

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Countering the left’s relentless attack on the Republican Party’s values, Lawrence Jones said that with the election of Donald Trump, these are different times.

Jones, a talk radio host and contributor at “The Blaze,” appeared on “Fox & Friends Weekend” to claim the left’s narrative that the GOP is racist and bitter is “factually incorrect.”

Pointing to Harriet Tubman, Booker T. Washington and Martin Luther King Jr., Jones said “the Republican party has always led the way.”

“Meanwhile, the Democratic Party was the party of the KKK,” he added.

Jones said the GOP has an opportunity to capture people from different communities by showing how much they share in common, pointing out that rap songs often speak of capitalism, which is a Republican argument.

“Black folks have never wanted a handout,” he insisted. “They have always been go-getters.”

Jones said playing up the victim mentality is not likely to help Democrats win elections anymore.

“This has been a formula where they win, when they do this race-baiting tactic, when they make people feel like a victim,” he explained. “Until Donald Trump they did win elections.”

“I think the tides are changing.”

Let’s hope so… America could use a reprieve.

Tom Tillison


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