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Animal zealots’ surreal hissy fit over fishes ‘feelings’ wears down patient fishermen, everyone just snaps

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So much for a relaxing afternoon of fishing.

In a surreal scene that brings to mind a Saturday Night Live skit, an unhinged animal rights activist recorded himself losing it when he came upon two men fishing in a St. Petersburg, Florida, public park.

…all the while, two children with the man were on hand to witness his extreme behavior.

In fact, one of them participated, being the first to approach the men to inform them that “it hurts” when they hook a fish in the mouth, before asking them to stop fishing.

To their credit, the men remained respectful throughout… even when dad? intervened as a fresh caught fish flopped on the ground before him.

SG animal rights activist 5

“You guys just going to let this fish die like this?” he asked, comparing it to a dog.

“We don’t eat any animals because all animals have the ability to feel love and pain, just like we do,” the man told the fishermen, before elevating the fish to the equivalent of a child.

“They have the same ability, the same emotion as a human child,” he said, insisting this radical claim was “fact from science.”

When one of the two men fishing told the zealot he has no right to harass them, he exploded.

“You’re harassing this fish, right here!” the man proclaimed. “This is my duty, and my duty is to speak up for animals in need!

One of the men explained that fishing is allowed under the law, but was subsequently lectured on how it was once allowed to own slaves and deny women the right to vote.

They did their best to ignore the zealot wearing a t-shirt with “Animal Liberation Now” emblazoned on the back, but he raged on, finally taking it upon himself to pick the fish up and throw it back in the water after a female off-camera — presumably his wife — said she was going to do so.

SG animal rights activist 3

“I just saved a fish’s life!” the unhinged activist declared.

A lesser man would have thrown him in after the fish, though a verbal confrontation did ensue, with others getting involved.

In the end, the poor fisherman had no choice but to call the police as a group with the animal rights activist began chanting: “It’s not food, it’s violence!”

Proud of his actions, the man freely shared the video online.


Tom Tillison


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